Why You Should Not Pop Pimples


To pop or not to pop? When you're staring at that annoying, unsightly zit in the mirror the urge to pop it can be strong. You probably heard it before though: You should really, really not pop pimples. And if you absolutely can't stop yourself, at least pop your pimples like a pro. How? Let Spa Sophia's esthehticians tell you. But after why we tell you why you should not pop pimples!

How Does a Pimple Form?

Our pores contain sebaceous glands, which produce sebum. This is an odorless, waxy substance that benefits our skin in multiple ways: It coats our skin to protect it from external hazards and bacteria, it makes our skin water resistant, and it lubricates our skin. It also helps regulate our body temperature.

Our body continually renews our skin, generating new skin cells and shedding dead ones. Sometimes, however, our skin doesn't properly shed dead skin cells, which causes pores to clog. This leads to a buildup of sebum, dead skin cells, and finally bacteria. And this is what we call a pimple or zit. The good thing about pimples is that they're contained. A zit or pimple is basically a small contained sack of gunk beneath the skin. A pimple will dissolve on its own in 3 to 6 days.

Why You Should Not Pop Pimples

Why not pop pimples? Because you'll only make things worse.When you pop a pimple, you break the contained sack of gunk, and may cause the it to splatter. This in turn can cause the gunk to clog other pores and lead to more pimples. It's also possible that the gunk doesn't all come out fully. In that case the pressure you exert on the pimple causes the gunk to spread even deeper underneath your skin. On top of that new bacteria from your fingers can enter the pore. All this can lead to an even bigger pimple, a whole cluster of pimples, or even an inflammation beneath the skin. So either way, it gets worse. A last reason why you should not pop pimples is that you may cause scarring, and scars stay for much, much longer than a pimple, if not forever.

How To Pop A Pimple If You Absolutely Have To

You know now why you should not pop pimples, but if you absolutely can't resist, at least make sure you do it carefully. At Spa Sophia we have gloves and professional tools such as comedone extractor to do it, but we're assuming you don't have those at home. So what to do?

  1. Make sure the pimple is ready. If it doesn't have a white head, it isn't, and you'll likely just cause a deeper infection.
  2. Sterilize a needle by holding it in a flame and rubbing it down with alcohol.
  3. Sterilize your fingers and the skin surrounding your pimple with alcohol.
  4. Prick the white head of your pimple head on and squeeze around it to release the gunk.
  5. Apply some alcohol or other antibacterial agent to the pimple. This may sting a little!

There you go! Now you're an expert on why not to pop pimples, and how to pop them when you absolutely have to. The best thing is preventing pimples, of course. Facials with peels and exfoliation can really help just that. Check our facials here, and book one online or call 310 564 6676 or e-mail us!