How To Find a Safe & Good Waxing Salon


how to find a good safe waxing salon - spa sophiaSummer is coming, and lots of women will soon flock to waxing salons to get clean bikini lines. Not all waxing salons are equally hygienic and professional though. It’s important that you find a safe, good waxing salon, since improper waxing practices can not only be painful; They can leave you with scars, infections, and even STDs. How do you find a good waxing salon? Well, you can come to Spa Sophia of course. We always puts safety and hygiene first, and are famous for our minimal pain waxes. We also know exactly how to tell if another waxing salon is professional. Here are ten things to pay attention to when looking for a safe and good waxing salon.


Obviously the cleanliness of the waxing salon says a lot about how hygienic and safe their practices are. Look at the reception area too: Does it look clean? Are the shelves dust free? Is it cluttery?

Licensed Cosmetologists

Make sure your waxing salon only employs licensed cosmetologists. Usually the licenses are on display, but if not make sure to ask.


A good waxing salon will give you a questionnaire beforehand to check for any allergies, skin conditions and other medical issues that could complicate your wax.

Paper on Seats

Just like at the doctor’s, a good waxing salon’s table should have a paper sheet on top of the seat or bed. The paper can catch stray drops of wax and ensures you’re lying on a clean surface.

Hand Sanitizer or Gloves

A good waxing salon that puts safety first has their employees scrub down their hands before starting a wax, or at least use hand sanitizer. Gloves are also a sign of good hygiene.

Hard Wax

A hard wax is a safer and much less painful procedure to remove unwanted hair. It’s actually a specialty of Spa Sophia, and responsible for our trademark minimal-pain wax.

No Harsh Chemicals

Good waxing salons use products without harsh chemicals, to minimize the chance of irritation. Spa Sophia only uses all natural and organic product lines, such as Epicuren and Jurlique. All of them are available for purchase at our online store and salon.

Wax Temperature

To check the quality of the wax and make sure you won’t experience discomfort from the heat, a good waxer should always check the temperature of the wax before applying it.

No Double Dipping

This is perhaps the most important safety precaution of them all. A good waxing salon doesn’t double dip. That means they won’t use the same spatula twice for applying wax, they throw one out after every dip. This is so the bacterias from the first dip won’t carry over to the wax.

Whether you’re a woman and want a bikini wax or a man and want a chest wax, Spa Sophia ensures a good experience. Check out all our waxing services here and book a wax on online or call us at 310.564.6676 to set an appointment.