The Benefits of Facial Peels


Facial peels, also known as chemical peels, are quite the rage in Los Angeles, and Spa Sophia has been offering Los Angeles facial peels since the very start. Our facial peels are made of 100% natural products and are available both separately with our "Facial Peel" as well as part of our "Signature Plus Facial" and "Epicuren Facial." Facial Peels can produce amazing results for acne, scarring and aging and uneven skin. Want to know more about facial peels and their benefits? Read on!

facial peel los angeles spa sophia before after venice abbot kinneyWhat is a Facial Peel?

A facial peel consists of the application of a solution that contains alpha or beta hydroxy acids. Alpha hydroxy acids are found in things like sugar cane, fruits and dairy so can be all natural, but are also made synthetically. Spa Sophia offers the natural kind of facial peel. The hydroxy acids are applied to the skin and left on for a certain amount of time, dependent on how sensitive your skin is and what results you want. There are three kinds of facial peels: A superficial one, a medium one, and a deep one. The deep one can only be done on an inpatient basis, that's why Spa Sophia offers the superficial and medium facial peels.

How Does a Facial Peel Work?

A facial peel works by dissolving the material in your skin that holds skin layers together. This causes the bonds to break and the outer layers of your skin to peel, making way for brand new, healthy skin cells. Depending on the kind of peel you get, skin may peel off for several days after your facial peel. A peel doesn't hurt, but can be a little bit uncomfortable. The discomfort ends as soon as the peeling solution is washed off your skin though.

What Are the Facial Peel Benefits?

facial peel benefits los angeles spa sophia before after venice abbot kinneyFacial peel benefits can be far reaching and life changing. Facial peels can really diminish acne scarring, sun spots, fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, uneven skin tone, and leave you with a glowing, new skin. In fact, facial peels can produce the same effects as laser treatment. Not all peels have equally strong effects though. Multiple facial peels are suggested to benefit from the best results.

Is a Facial Peel For All Skin Types?

Superficial facial peels are fine for all skin types, but the deeper facial peels are not recommended for people with very sensitive or colored skin. Ask Spa Sophia for a free consultation to see if a facial peel is a good option for you.

What Are the Side Effects of a Facial Peel?

Facial peels cause your skin to peel, which will leave your skin raw and red. There may in some cases also be some irritation and swelling. Especially in the sensitive areas around the eyes. Depending on the deepness of your peel it can take up to a week for your skin to fully heal. During this time it's strongly recommended that you avoid sun exposure, or at least wear very strong sunblock. This is to prevent skin discoloration, of which there is a small chance after a facial peel.

For superficial peels, these side effects are nearly non existent though. With our professional, experienced estheticians as well as the appropriate aftercare on op that, the risk of these side effects is also minimal for deeper peels. We always test your skin beforehand, to see if you have any strong or allergic reactions.

Interested in giving your skin a makeover and experiencing all these facial peel benefits? Book one of our facial peels online now, or call (310) 564 6676 to set an appointment! You can also drop by at our lovely spa on Abbot Kinney Blvd. in Venice, Los Angeles. See you soon!