Cabin Fever: 9 Travel Tips and Tricks from the Spa Sophia Team

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If you’re vacationing this Summer our team has you covered with some great tips and travel hacks to keep your skin and body looking and feeling good while travelling…


Our bio-cell masks are great to wear on your flight. Isun’s Ormus Rose Aromablend or Ormus Myst are calming for long flights and great for keeping you uplifted for those jet lag days. I also love the TiZo tinted sunscreen. It’s a great spf 40 and also works as my foundation! - Brit


I’m obsessed with my magic Ormus Myst spray from Isun; I ended up giving it away this last trip. Very agreeable scent (so I don’t feel bad spraying in public places), refreshing and ..well.. magic, of course. I also love our Bio-Cell Mask! It’s truly a “secret sauce” of peptides, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants to drench the skin. Also stick to drinking water instead of booze during the flight. - Sophia


When travelling and jetlag becomes an issue, one can do the following to get more sleep: Rub the big toes with a firm pressure for 5-7 minutes, one toe at a time (on all sides of the toe). This will activate the sleep center in the brain. - Michael


Peppermint essential oil is a great multi purpose travel companion. I like to give it to my clients in Rollerball form when they mention they are about to travel. I mix it specifically with sesame oil as it penetrates all the layers of skin. It helps reduce anxiety, muscle tension and headaches. You can also inhale it for foul cabin smells. It repels mosquitos and spiders so use it to roll on your bed sheets and the corners of your tent if you’re camping. - Kaethe


Travel sized everything! I love Hylunia’s Travel Sizes. Cleanser, mist, moisturizer, eye cream etc. I always take these with me. - Miriam


I always have a Hylunia’s Neroli Mist on the plane. My favorite quick spritz! - Morgan


Super Salve Arnica Liniment is great for traveling and cools you off. Keep it in your bag and apply to tense muscles... instant relief! - Connie


I love this killer combo when I fly: Isun Emerald Sun Hydrosol, Spa Sophia’s Bio-Cell Mask & O Cosmedics Youth Activating Oil Balm. Before I leave for the airport I apply a couple layers of ISUN Emerald Sun Hydrosol then follow that with our Bio-Cell mask for 20 minutes (I keep mine in the fridge). I then continue with my usual serum & moisturizer (skip the SPF). When I get on board I apply a layer of the O Cosmedics Youth Activating Oil Balm and re-apply as needed throughout the flight. - Natarsha


Bring a small sarong and tennis ball or mini foam roller and roll out and stretch on long layovers. People stare, but your body feels much better. - Ayla

You can find most of these recommendations at Spa Sophia so drop in and get travel ready with us!