Jojoba - The Everything, Everyone Oil We Love

It has been a cold February and one of the wettest Winters we’ve experienced in recent years in Venice but is is starting to warm again and Spring is upon us.

Now that Winter is almost in the rear view mirror and Summer is fast approaching it’s time to get your skin glowing again!

One of our favorite glow makers is Jojoba Oil. If you haven’t been introduced to Jojoba yet, allow me…


The Jojoba shrub is native to Southern California, Southern Arizona and North-Western Mexico and has long been used by indigenous peoples as a treatment for wounds and bruises.

jojoba oil molecule.png

The substance commonly referred to as Jojoba oil is technically a wax which is liquid at room temperature and is incredibly similar to your skin’s own natural oil, sebum making it a fantastic oil for all skin types, from oily to dry.

It is rich in Vitamin E, renowned for its tissue repairing properties as well as B Vitamins. Jojoba is also antimicrobial and antibacterial specifically the P-Acnes bacteria making an excellent oil for acne prone skin.

So I bet you’re wondering how to use Jojoba? I say everywhere but let me give you a few specifics.

Makeup Remover & Cleanser

Oils make excellent cleansers and makeup removers and Jojoba is no different. Working on the principle of like attracts like - oils bind to oils, breaking down the oils in products such as makeup and sunscreen and the generally greasy, pollution. If you’re experiencing excess oil then this is one of the best ways to thoroughly cleanse your skin without stripping or compromising your acid mantle - the film on the surface of your skin responsible for its primary barrier function, an acidic environment that kills bacteria and keeps your skin smooth and happy. Use a hot washcloth to remove the oil then follow with a mild cleanser for a perfectly gentle yet exceptionally thorough cleanse.

Face Massage

While cleansing your skin, take a few minutes to incorporate some massage. Massage is a wonderful way to tone, lift and contour the muscles in your face, giving a natural lift and radiance. At Spa Sophia, we love our Aquarian Soul Gua Sha and crystal face rollers for this. Check out our Instagram feed for a basic tutorial to get you started.

Aquarian Soul Face Rollers $30 - $40

Aquarian Soul Face Rollers $30 - $40

Aquarian Soul Gua Sha $20

Aquarian Soul Gua Sha $20

Face Moisturizer

Oils make beautiful moisturizers especially Jojoba. Suitable for for all skin types, jojoba will mimic your own sebum or Natural Moisture Factor helping to signal to your skin to produce less oil. If your acneic, using Jojoba will help control the bacteria, sooth your skin, reduce oil production and heal acne lesions so please don’t be scared to use oil. We recommend that you use oils over hydrators such as a hyaluronic acid serum to ensure proper hydration and moisturization of your skin.

Body Moisturizer

As with your face, you can certainly use Jojoba to moisturize your body, the texture absorbs rapidly leaving your skin soft and smooth without feeling greasy.

Hair Mask and Serum

Jojoba’s antibacterial properties make it a fantastic option for a hair mask and can help aid against hair loss and dandruff. The light texture makes it a wonderful choice for hair serum, I love to use the excess on my hands after moisturizing to add shine and silkiness.

The applications for Jojoba are endless, you can use it for shaving, cuticle care, minor cuts and grazes, topical dermatitis and so much more.

Our favorite Jojoba is from SōMä Botanicals, it’s cold pressed, organic and unrefined - liquid gold - and available exclusively at Spa Sophia.

SōMä Botanicals for Spa Sophia Pure Jojoba $25

SōMä Botanicals for Spa Sophia Pure Jojoba $25