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Sophia Marzocchi

Owner / Esthetician

Sophia has been an esthetician for over 10 years and loves what she does. Not only does she find great joy running the spa but she continues to grow and excel within her own esthetic practice. She combines many different modalities — both technological and energetic. Her extensive training in massage and energy work provide a power house of tools she can pull from to create amazing results that address the whole person.



Sophia is a MIRACLE WORKER and SO gifted! Her facials are life changing.
— K.C. Sterling, Actress

Megan D


Ayurvedic Practitioner / Massage Therapist

A Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner and Licensed Massage Therapist, Megan has been studying and practicing Ayurvedic Medicine for over 15 years. She spent 5 years at a private retreat center leading clients through Pancha Karma detox and teaching workshops to new Ayurvedic students. Megan brings her expertise to Spa Sophia, lending a valuable dimension to our holistic vision. She is also the founder of Integrative Ayurveda and creator of The Juicy Yogi Detox Program.



Megan is by far the most skillful, intuitive, and relaxing a masseuse I’ve ever encountered.
— A.W., Bentonville

Kimberly C


A second generation esthetician and a self-proclaimed “Skin Care Nerd,” Kim began her career by studying nutrition and ingredients — often the root cause for most imbalances. Fascinated by the body’s ability to be a “Healing Machine” given the proper environment, she soon turned her attention to creating that environment. Kim has honed her 25 years of experience into a unique skincare philosophy. Kim specializes in sensitive, acne ridden and aging/menopausal skin as well as pigmentation issues. She works closely with each client to correct core issues and creates treatment plans to achieve significant results that are lasting and at times, life changing.

Kim C is a magician. She has completely changed my face. I’ve been with her since 2002. She is simply the very best there is and I highly recommend her.
— Katie Arnoldi, Author & Screenwriter

Natarsha B


Our resident Aussie, Natarsha moved to Los Angeles in 2011 to take her esthetician career to the next level. Natarsha started in the industry as a makeup & brow artist almost 20 years ago and even spent several years as a massage therapist. A self proclaimed “product junkie” and science nerd, transitioning into skincare was the next logical step. Natarsha eats, breathes and sleeps healthy-skin. She uses her extensive ingredient knowledge and interest in eastern facial massage techniques to tailor individual treatments and regimens that blend cutting edge ingredients and holistic modalities to help her clients achieve and maintain their best skin. Natarsha specializes in brow design, Brazilian waxing, peels, age-prevention skincare and acne.

I have been coming to see Natarsha for the last 6 months and she is amazing! Her Brazilian wax is perfection.
— Joe M., Yelp

Robyn F


Robyn has been an esthetician for over a decade and has extensive experience with a variety of products and treatments. Having offered her services in medical facilities treating acute skin conditions as well as having lent her healing hands to clients in tranquil spa settings, she has learned to combine a healing touch coupled with clinical expertise to provide outstanding results. She is also an expert waxer, helping her clients feel comfortable while operating quickly and efficiently. Overall, Robyn is gentle and sensitive, connecting with her clients and aiming to give each one a wonderful experience.

My skin changed dramatically after getting regular facials with Robyn, it’s never been clearer or brighter and I felt so glowing and prepared for my wedding
— Elizabeth U., Yelp

Ayla T

Massage Therapist

Growing up in a small town in Northern California, Ayla learned the importance of bodywork at a young age by helping ease her fathers chronic shoulder pain. After graduating college, she attended the Pacific School of Massage & Healing Arts and was introduced to the method of Transformational Bodywork. Strongly believing in the importance of compassionate touch, she encourages everyone to experience the healing benefits of massage in order to create a happier, healthier, more balanced lifestyle.


Ayla’s hands are nourishing and energizing, and also highly intelligent and strong. Her massage and bodywork grounds and inspires me to be more fluid and present; and something artistic and magical always seems to happen.
— Fred Mitouer, Ph.D., Author & Healing Arts Teacher

Michael C

Massage Therapist

While hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, Michael has been a Venice Beach local now for over 15 years. With over 24 years of experience, Spa Sophia is privileged to be able to offer you Michael's expertise specifically in the art of Esalen Massage. Michael has been trained in massage techniques at Big Sur’s renowned Esalen Institute for over 12 years, and is constantly expanding his skills and knowledge. The philosophy that guides his work is: “The Human Healing Touch is a natural resource that will never run dry." Michael is  also experienced in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Reflexology and Lomi Lomi.

I’m a snob about massages but, wow. Michael is like a big gentle giant. I think my back is healed. I didn’t think anything was wrong with my back but I know it wasn’t this good.
— Laura Ortiz, Actress

Vanessa A


Vanessa Agopian has been a licensed esthetician and multimedia makeup artist since 2002 and licensed instructor since 2004. She has consistently worked in virtually all aspects of the beauty industry as an esthetician, esthetics instructor, product consultant , and makeup and brow expert. 
Although passionate and proficient in all areas of esthetics, Vanessa specializes in treating stubborn acne. She has continued to study skin histology, giving her an edge at treating difficult acne ranging from preteen acne to adult hormonal acne.
Vanessa is grateful to be working alongside our team of experts at Spa Sophia and for the wonderful clients who trust her with their skin.

Vanessa was fabulous. I am educated, glowing and more than satisfied - looking forward to next month!
— Carole S., Yelp

Connie L


Massage Therapist

Connie has been doing bodywork for over 17 years. A  native of Northern California, Connie began her journey in the healing arts at Cypress Health Institute in Santa Cruz with a focus in Polarity Therapy and Swedish massage. Connie is a highly skilled bodyworker and compassionate healer. Connie has expertise in Pre- and Post Natal, Deep Tissue & Warmstone Massage, Abyhanga, Shirodara, Shiatsu, and Reflexology. Always expanding her knowledge of massage, with a focus on healing work & balance, Connie will soon be certified in Cranial Sacral Therapy and Oncology massage.

Believe the hype, Connie has magic hands.... and elbows.
— Danielle P., Yelp

Morgan B



Morgan has been a licensed aesthetician for 9 years and has worked for surgeons, dermatologists, and spas in California. She loves working at Spa Sophia because she gets the best of both worlds performing holistic and clinical treatments. She is currently in nursing school and plans to further her career in aesthetics when becoming an RN. 

Morgan took such good care of me and skin, I walked out feeling so rejuvenated - brand new baby skin. Will be booking my next appointment very soon!
— Alexandria S., Yelp
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Anette Glaser has worked in the skin care field for over 20 years.  Born and raised in Sweden and a nature girl at heart, Anette is passionate about wellness, skincare, and healthy living. She believes that glowing skin at any age is a direct result of the right skincare and good nutrition. She is passionate about sharing with her clients her tips for adopting a healthy lifestyle. Anette specializes in anti-aging regimes, quick and painless waxing techniques, and strong, yet relaxing massage styles. A facial with Anette is a little slice of heaven.