Skin reactions - Irritation vs. Allergy

While we try our best to screen you for any known allergies, irritation and allergies may still occur during or after a facial treatment. All skin is different and there are many environmental factors that can contribute to a reaction such as a combination of ingredients or products, either from what we’ve used in the treatment or with something that you’ve used at home before or after, something you’ve eaten, medications that you may be on, where you are on your cycle, illness; you get the idea, there are many contributing factors.

Q - How can you tell the difference between an allergy and irritation?

Typically, allergies can take a day or so to present themselves, however, they can also show up during a treatment as welting, hives or swelling which is why we are constantly monitoring the condition of your skin.  If this occurs, we will clean your skin and apply cold compresses, a basic moisturizer and end the treatment. If an allergy shows up post treatment, it may present as a rash, inflammation, small pustules and/or welts & will often feel itchy, hot, tight and/or sting. It may even present on other areas of your body and not necessarily where the allergen was applied such as armpits, hands or face/throat. If you ever have an adverse reaction to a facial, please let us know as soon as you can and send pictures if possible. If you do suffer from an allergy that you were previously unaware of, we urge you to see a dermatologist for diagnosis and treatment. Unfortunately, allergies are rare but can happen and are extremely hard to predict if you are unaware of any sensitivities. Once you have an allergic reaction, it is important to try to identify the allergen as you will now need to avoid it going forward.

An irritation will usually present immediately and typically presents as redness & heat directly where the irritant has been applied. This one is easier to identify and avoid (the product that you just applied) but harder to pinpoint as an individual ingredient as it may be the combination of ingredients in a particular product. You may be fine using neroli distillate in one product but react to it in another.

Some people are also just extremely sensitive and can develop a histamine reaction from almost any stimulation.